Airthings Kicks Off CES with Two Products Honored at the Innovation Awards 2021



January 11, 2021

The Indoor Air Quality Experts Welcome CES 2021 by Showcasing Two Innovation Award-Winning Solutions, Joined by the Debuts of Air for Kids & The Air Report: Radon Edition

Airthings, makers of the best-selling indoor air quality and radon monitors for homeowners, businesses and professionals, announced its participation in the all-digital CES 2021, where the company plans to showcase two of its products selected as Honorees at the CES 2021 Innovation Awards: Wave Plus for Business Virus Risk Indicator and Wave Mini with Mold Risk Indicator. Coinciding with National Radon Action Month in the United States, Airthings also released two new resources: Air for Kids and The Air Report: Radon Edition, which serve as the latest iterations in the company’s mission to bring education and awareness to the importance of radon and air quality monitoring. Airthings will debut these new resources during CES 2021, which kicks off January 11th and spans through January 14th

Two Products Chosen as Innovation Awards Honorees

In late 2020, Airthings launched two new digital capabilities for its existing line of consumer and business-facing products, the Wave Plus for Business Virus Risk Indicator and the Wave Mini Mold Risk Indicator. Both groundbreaking products, which utilize proprietary algorithms and advanced analytics to diagnose the presence of airborne indoor threats, were selected as CES Innovation Award Honorees in the Health & Wellness category. The Wave Plus for Business Virus Risk Indicator and the Wave Mini Mold Risk Indicator will both be showcased as part of Airthings’ CES 2021 Digital Booth, where attendees can learn more about Airthings’ products and how they can help them stay healthy indoors.

Two New Resources For 2021

In addition to the Innovation Award honorees, Airthings enters CES poised to debut two new indoor air quality resources at CES 2021: Air for Kids, and The Air Report: Radon Edition. In conjunction with National Radon Action Month in the United States, these will be available to the public completely free-of-charge, echoing Airthings’ commitment to not only provide affordable products and solutions to mitigate poor indoor air quality, such as their flagship Wave Plus and entry-level Wave Mini air quality monitors, but also to serve as a trusted, leading voice in education and guidance on public health and safety as it relates to radon.

Air for Kids is a new free, educational portal that helps children, teachers and parents learn about the impact of air quality and radon on our safety, health, and wellness. Touching on scientific subjects ranging from indoor air pollution to the earth’s role in shaping our air quality, Air for Kids offers information, fun facts, quizzes, and other learning tools that provide enrichment on these topics for a broad age demographic. Air for Kids also offers assets and materials specifically developed for educators that can be incorporated into their lesson plans. 

In the era of COVID-19, classroom safety as it relates to the air that students and teachers are breathing in daily has entered the spotlight as a topic of debate. Not only can airborne pollutants impact health, but air components such as CO2 can also affect students physically in ways directly linked to the core of education, such as decreased cognitive function and attention span. With Air for Kids, educators, parents, and children will all have access to expert insights and information that can allow them to make informed decisions about their health and wellness and put them on the path to success.

The Air Report: Radon Edition is the newest installation in Airthings’ ongoing series of “Air Reports,” which are comprehensive summaries that use insightful, easy-to-understand data and statistics to highlight the various components of indoor air quality and how they impact the health and everyday lives of people everywhere. January is US National Radon Action Month, and while lesser-known than other safety risks, the EPA considers radon the leading cause of lung cancer for non-smokers, responsible for more than six times the number of deaths as carbon monoxide poisoning and home fires combined every year. Since radon levels are highly volatile and fluctuate seasonally, the only way to gather an accurate understanding is through continuous monitoring. The Air Report: Radon Edition discusses why radon exposure in the home increases during the winter months, increasing 27% on average in the US between the months of October and February. The report also provides guidance on what families can do to ensure their household is maintaining healthy, low radon levels. 

“As Airthings has continued to grow rapidly over the years, our purpose has always remained clear: to educate people everywhere about how radon and air quality can impact their daily lives on both a short-term and long-term scale. This starts with providing our children and their parents with the information they need to experience the brightest possible futures,” said Oyvind Birkenes, CEO of Airthings. “There’s no better time to start these conversations than National Radon Action Month, and during this year’s CES, we’re eager to introduce the world to Air for Kids, our latest Air Report, and our award-winning solutions.”

To find more information on Airthings, radon, indoor air quality and why long-term monitoring is important, visit the Airthings website at or Air for Kids at To register for CES 2021 and visit Airthings’ virtual booth, please visit

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