This is Wave

A smart radon detector with quick and accurate results on your smartphone. Additionally, you can simply wave in front of the device to get a visual indication of your radon levels.
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Sensor thresholds


≥150 Bq/m3

≥100 and <150 Bq/m3

<100 Bq/m3


≥70 %

≥60 and <70 %

≥30 and <60 %

≥25 and <30 %

<25 %


>25 °C

≥18 and ≤25 °C

<18 °C

Why choose Wave?

Anytime, anywhere

Know your levels on-the-go using the free mobile app and Airthings Dashboard

Safe and secure

We securely store your information in the Airthings Cloud

Meaningful data

View sensor data in a way that makes sense to you - 2 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year views

Stay informed

Receive dashboard notifications when your levels get too high

Smart integrations

Works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT.

Bluetooth connectivity

Allows for low-power consumption and longer battery life ~1.5 years

Free mobile app

Your radon levels are accessible through the Airthings App and the Airthings Dashboard. The app communicates with your Wave via Bluetooth Low Energy, giving the Wave a battery lifetime of up to two years.

The mobile app brings your radon levels to your fingertips. It is simple to set up, easy to use and allows for full visibility into your short- and long-term indoor air quality levels across a single or multiple devices.

Easily switch your display between metric or US units.

Simplicity defined

We wanted to make it easy to attach Wave to the wall or ceiling without any wires or plugs. Using standard AA batteries ensures that there is no complicated wiring. A single screw attaches the mounting plate to the wall and magnets keep the device secured to the base. The device can also lay flat on a table or shelf.



Bluetooth connection to Android and iOS devices

Visual indicator

Wave in front of the device to get a visual indication of your radon level


2 AA batteries included with estimated 1.5 year lifetime


Tracks levels over long periods allowing for more accuracy than traditional methods

Three sensors

Radon, humidity and temperature

Smartlink (Wave 2nd gen)

Long range and low power wireless communication with the Airthings Hub

Product information

To distinguish between the Wave and Wave 2nd gen: Under the mounting plate, there is a model. Airthings Wave simply says "Model: Airthings Wave" whereas Wave 2nd gen, says, "Model: 2950 Wave".

(S/N: 2900 XXX XXX)

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Wave 2nd gen
(S/N: 2950 XXX XXX)

> Product sheet
> User Manual

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