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The most advanced indoor pollution monitor with particulate matter (PM2.5), humidity and temperature.

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Why View Pollution



Keep your PM and humidity levels in the optimal zone to fight against asthma symptoms.



If you live in a wildfire zone, measuring PM in your home is essential to understanding your exposure to smoke.



Keep track of how much city pollution is making it into your home and if your air purifier is working.



Stay in control

The most advanced indoor pollution monitor measuring PM2.5, Humidity and Temp

Product-feature-Icon_dark-grey_Calm tech

Calm tech display

Customizable display or wave in front to view all pollutants that are outside recommended levels


WiFi connected / wireless

View your data anytime, anywhere, with this wireless and WiFi connected device with up to 2 year battery lifetime

PM-app_view Pollution_green

App / dashboard

App and online dashboard with graphs, notifications and insights


Hub functionality

When you plug in with the USB cable, View Pollution becomes a Hub, bringing other Airthings devices online


Keep pollution at bay



Particulate matter that irritates lungs, agitates preexisting conditions and causes heart attacks and cancer



Monitor humidity to prevent mold, dust mites, skin irritations and the spread of viruses



Keep an eye on temperature to improve sleep and productivity

Visualize the air you breathe

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Customizable display

Choose the insights that matter to you with options for both indoor and outdoor levels

Wave function

Color-coded indicator with overall air quality: good, fair, or poor

Air quality check

View pollutant levels on the product display that are outside recommendations

Airthings App & Dashboard

  • Live and local pollen levels New
  • Short and long term graphs
  • More detail with in-app dashboard
  • Notifications
  • Tips & insights

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Free shipping


45-day money back guarentee


12-month warranty

Tech Specs

Sensors: Particulate matter (PM2.5), humidity, temperature

Display: 2.9” 296128 pixels ePaper

Visual indicator: Red/yellow/green glow indicator

Long battery life: Up to 2 years (depends on sensor interval and WiFi router)

Optional operation on USB cable (runs from batteries if removed)

Supports wall mounting or placement on table

Wireless connection: WiFi or Airthings SmartLink (with Hub)

Bluetooth for on boarding and daily use configuration

Hub functionality: Enabled when connected with WiFi and USB cable is plugged into device (not compatible with Wave Radon 1st Gen SN: 2900xxxx)

Sensor sampling interval:
Temperature/humidity: 5 minutes
PM: 10 minutes (default)

Sensor Accuracy:
Temperature ∓ 0.5°C / ∓ 1 F
Humidity ∓3%

Particulate Matter (PM2.5) details:
Laser scattering based optical particle counter
Particle size detection range: 300 nm to 10 μm
Range: 0~500 μg/m³
Measurement error (PM2.5):
0 ~ 150 ug/m³: ± [5 μg/m³ + 15%]
150 ~ 500 ug/m³: ± [5 μg/m³ + 20%]
Calibrated with a GRIMM using cigarette smoke source

Recommended operating conditions:
Temperature: 4°C to 40°C/ 39.2°F to 104°F
Humidity: 0% to 85% (non condensing)

Weight: 336g / 11.85oz (with batteries, without cable)

17cm (length) x 9cm (height) x 3.3cm (width)
6.7in (length) x 3.5in (height) x 1.3in (width)

Power: 6 AA batteries or USB cable

Connectivity: 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz) WiFi, Airthings SmartLink & Bluetooth Low Energy

Privacy: Noise Indicator used for measuring sound pressure level only, no privacy concerns (only enabled for Airthings for Business)

Particulate matter (PM2.5)
≥25 μg/m3
≥10 and <25 μg/m3
<10 μg/m3

≥70 %
≥60 and <70 %
≥30 and <60 %
≥25 and <30 %
<25 %

Temperature (°F)
>77 °F
≥64 and ≤77 °F
<64 °F

Temperature (°C)
>25 °C
≥18 and ≤25 °C
<18 °C

Model 2980

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View Pollution
6 AA batteries
USB cable
Quick Start Guide

One of the 3 latest major versions of iOS or Android, supporting Bluetooth 4.2 or later