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Why monitor radon?

radon-icon Radon gas kills over 3,000 Canadians every year
homeowner-icon 1/15 homes in the US have high radon levels
smell-icon Radon is colorless, odorless, and found in every home


What is radon?


What our customers say

Well worth it. Thanks to this device I took steps to mitigate radon gas. Reliable data and confirmation of the monitors accuracy. We are now more comfortable with our house being safer.


This radon detector is well made and very easy to use right out of the box. I have it hung on the wall with just a nail. It is easy to read and understand. I am very, very happy with this product.


Exactly what I needed! Didn't have to calculate how many hours the kit was open and then send to a lab to get results. It was really easy to start up, use, and interpret results.


Excellent design and very easy to setup and use. In the app and on web, the data is presented in a very intuitive manner. Very thankful for this device!


You are buying peace of mind. We were amazed at how much radon levels differ day to day.The daily readings allowed us to check how fixes we made affected radon levels.


We have peace of mind knowing that we can see not only radon levels but VOCs, carbon dioxide and humidity levels as well. Now we can take the necessary actions to remediate.


A continuous radon detector is a great addition to the basement. This was easy to install and use. The numbers and ability to read the levels gives peace of mind.


Start monitoring radon today


Meet Corentium Home by Airthings, a simple to use, battery-operated radon gas detector with display.
Home C$179.00

Wave Radon

A smart radon detector with quick and accurate results on your smartphone.
Wave Radon
Wave Radon C$199.99

Wave Plus

The first battery-operated smart indoor air quality monitor with Radon detection, including sensors for temperature, air pressure, humidity, VOCs, and CO2.
Wave Plus
Wave Plus C$299.99

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