Airthings joins forces with Neogreen to monitor air quality in schools in the La Réunion region of France



July 7, 2022

Oslo, Norway, 7 July 2022 - Airthings, the global leader in air quality monitoring for businesses and homes, has joined forces with Neogreen, specialists in the collection and integration of equipment for a healthier environment, to provide Airthings air quality monitors to nine schools across La Réunion in France.

Recognising the city’s concern to comply with the government's National Health and Environment Plan, the partnership sees nurseries, elementary schools and day care institutions implement the Airthings for Business solution to help monitor and improve indoor air quality, with secondary schools set to follow suit in the latter half of the year. Now, head teachers across the district can access IAQ data remotely, in real time, and make recommendations for improving the quality of indoor air in classrooms.  

“We’re seeing schools encouraging pupils to read air quality data on the monitors and to open windows, for example, when CO2 or humidity levels get too high. Together with Airthings, we’re seeing an increase in not only interest around IAQ but also understanding. These sensors, beyond their primary monitoring function, have become a teaching aid,” comments Yannick Settama, Associate Director of Neogreen.  

"Following the initial launch, parents were quick to ask that the installation of the Airthings View CO2 monitors be extended to the other classes, increasing the roll-out significantly," continues Yannick. 

Air pollution is the biggest environmental threat to our health, and it is more important than ever to raise awareness of a safe and healthy home, work and school environment, while exploring ways to reduce pollutants in the air. “After COVID, there is no doubt that bad air quality levels caused a panic and forced local governments to rush into purchasing monitors without doing their research first," explains Rémy Journet, Business Development Manager for Europe at Airthings. “Today, governing bodies are turning to more efficient and more intelligent tools," adds Rémy Journet.  

As one of the leading brands in air quality monitors for businesses and homes, Neogreen chose Airthings over existing competitors. The Airthings commercial solution, used by businesses and municipalities around the world,  includes wireless indoor air quality monitors which track CO2, radon, particulate matter (PM 2.5), temperature and mould risk amongst many other contaminants. The data and real-time notifications are available through a user-friendly dashboard or an API.

"Everything led us to choose Airthings - ergonomics, display, the back-office which contains an extensive history and a wide range of information including pressure, sound level, and humidity. We also wanted sensors that could be controlled remotely, without having to travel from one school to another. The previous monitor technology did not allow this. Once set up, the View CO2 monitors took 10 minutes to access detailed air quality data of the room and continue to provide automated reports that we can analyse and send to the school decision makers." says Yannick Settama. 

Following a successful launch, Airthings and Neogreen are looking ahead to longer-term solutions for schools in different districts, encouraging more schools to protect the air they breathe and educating teachers and students alike on the importance of monitoring IAQ.  

Airthings spokespeople are available for comment and/or interview opportunities to discuss progress made so far, and all other topics around air quality.  

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