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September 27, 2023

Airthings and Lindab Unveil Next-Gen Building Solution at PropTech Summit 2023

OSLO, NORWAY - (September 27, 2023) –Airthings, the global leader in indoor air quality monitoring and energy-saving solutions, and leading ventilation company Lindab, announced today the launch of their upgraded building solution at the PropTech Summit 2023 in Oslo. Building on their successful partnership, the new solution takes the concept of smart buildings to the next level by controlling cooling and heating in addition to ventilation, maximizing energy efficiency in both old and new buildings.

"By integrating heating and cooling control into our existing solution, we are making a giant leap towards truly sustainable buildings," said Øyvind Birkenes, CEO of Airthings. “We’re thrilled to build on our existing partnership with Lindab continuing to provide energy savings to our customers.” Eirik Austad, CEO of Lindab Norway, added: "This upgraded solution is a game-changer for the renovation market. It offers immediate energy savings and better control over buildings, extending their lifespan and functionality."

The PropTech Summit 2023 focuses on decarbonization and sustainability. As property owners struggle with new EU Taxonomy regulations and stricter energy certificate requirements, the need for cost-effective, sustainable solutions has never been greater. Rising energy costs further incentivize building owners to seek upgrades. Lindab and Airthings' upgraded solution aligns perfectly with these themes, offering a "surgical intervention" that transforms buildings from using Constant Air Volume (CAV) systems to Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) with minimal cost and disruption.

Cutting-edge technology for old buildings

The new Lindab x Airthings system has already been successfully implemented at the historic villa in Frogner, Oslo. Built in 1916, the villa serves as offices of Nordisk Skibsrederforening and is currently being upgraded by Solco Bygg, with Lid Ventilation serving as the ventilation contractor. "The new system is incredibly versatile and fits seamlessly into older structures like this villa, allowing us to modernize without compromising the building's historic integrity," says Hans Solberg, CEO of Solco Bygg. Håkon Lid, founder and CEO of Lid Ventilation, adds, "This is a prime example of how technology can be used to make older buildings more sustainable and energy-efficient while respecting their heritage."

How it works

The upgraded solution features a direct wireless integration between Airthings' indoor air quality monitors and Lindab's VAV-damper, known as the UltraLink. The UltraLink modulates the amount of air used for ventilation based on real-time data from Airthings' sensors, which measure CO2, temperature, and humidity. Additionally, the UltraLink sends signals to the room's heating or cooling systems to adapt the temperature accordingly.

This innovation allows buildings without a Building Management System (BMS) and without good local control to optimize energy use according to the actual demand of the space. It is an ideal solution for older buildings that require technical upgrades without the need for complete refurbishment.

The solution will be available through Lindab's partner network in 9 stores across Norway, including Oslo, Drammen, Kristiansand, Sandnes, Bergen, Ålesund, Trondheim, Harstad, and Tromsø. Visit www.lindab.no/airthings to learn more about the solution.

Airthings x Lindab

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About Lindab

Lindab is an international group that develops, produces, markets and distributes products and system solutions for simplified construction and for a better indoor climate. The business works within three product areas; Ventilation, building components and building systems. The products are characterized by high quality, easy installation, energy efficiency, environmental considerations and that they are delivered with a high level of service. All in all, this provides increased value creation for our customers. In Norway, the company has 9 local offices and professional stores in Oslo, Drammen, Kristiansand, Sandnes, Bergen, Ålesund, Trondheim, Harstad and Tromsø. The HQ is located at Kalbakken in Oslo.

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