Facility Management in Your Pocket: Airthings Launches New App at the Facilities Show 2023



May 16, 2023

Part of the Award-Winning Airthings for Business Solution, the App Enables Facility Manages to Know What’s Happening in Any Building, Making it the Facility Manager’s Best Friend

LONDON, UK (May 16, 2023) - Airthings, the leading developer and manufacturer of indoor air quality solutions for commercial buildings and homes, has officially unveiled its newest app at the Facilities Show in London, the Airthings Business app. Airthings’ new app allows access to real-time and historical data, allowing building managers to monitor the energy efficiency and health of their buildings directly through their smartphone. It also expedites air quality monitor installation by simply scanning an Airthings device and snapping it to the wall, making it the fastest way for facility managers to take control of their building’s air quality. Those attending the Facilities Show at the ExCel London from May 16-18th can experience the new app in person at Airthings Booth #FM3620.

The Airthings Business app simplifies the deployment process of Airthings’ industry-leading sensors for commercial spaces, allowing for a faster and more seamless installation of the wireless, battery-operated indoor air quality monitors in offices, schools, and commercial buildings. By streamlining the process, building owners, managers, and energy efficiency consultants can easily access the crucial data they need to develop a blueprint to optimize building operations, reduce energy consumption, and enhance occupant health and well-being. Buildings use 40% of the world’s energy, and 30% of that comes from heating, ventilation, cooling, and lighting. By cutting down installation time and optimizing the process to ensure that all monitors maximize their effectiveness, managers can spend less time on installation and get a head start on their cost savings.

In addition to supporting ultra-fast and easy sensor installation in any type of building, Airthings’ new app will provide users with real-time air quality data that they can access anytime, making it the perfect companion to the Airthings for Business Dashboard. Key data points for facility managers such as temperature, CO2, humidity, PM, radon, light, and noise; will now be readily available for anyone in the building to access immediately in the palm of their hand.

"Our new app empowers facility managers and building owners to get a quick snapshot of the indoor environment in any room. It also allows for the Airthings for Business solution to be deployed faster and more accurately than any other air quality monitoring system on the market, which is simply remarkable,” said Oyvind Birkenes, CEO of Airthings. “With skyrocketing energy prices having such a huge impact on the bottom line for businesses everywhere, Airthings takes pride in delivering any advantage possible to our facility manager partners. Our new app not only accelerates the installation process, but also offers a significant upgrade to how air quality data is accessed and interpreted - making it easier than ever for businesses to improve their building's performance and energy efficiency." 

The new Airthings Business app is available to download on the App Store and Google Play Store and can be accessed at no additional cost by anyone with an Airthings for Business account. To learn more about the Airthings for Business solution, including how it can be custom-integrated to create the optimal balance between health and energy efficiency in your building, please visit airthings.com/business/app.


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