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Airthings Dashboard

Quickly view, customize and analyze the sensor data from all of your devices at a glance. You’ll also have access to trends and advanced analytics.

Compatible with Wave product family

Simply log in with the information you used when setting up your Airthings device. The Dashboard will already be loaded with the data from all of your devices.

Multiple types of tiles

Device tiles
Device tiles sum up the sensors on that device. Click on a device tile to drill down on that device and get more detailed information.

Sensor tiles
Sensor tiles show a graph of your levels for an individual sensor. Customize by changing the width of the tile, or changing the display between 48 hours, one week, month or year.

Sensor thresholds


≥150 Bq/m3

≥100 and <150 Bq/m3

<100 Bq/m3


≥2000 ppb

≥250 and <2000 ppb

<250 ppb


≥1000 ppm

≥800 and <1000 ppm

<800 ppm


≥70 %

≥60 and <70 %

≥30 and <60 %

≥25 and <30 %

<25 %


>25 °C

≥18 and ≤25 °C

<18 °C