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A single ecosystem, customizable to any building

For employees, students, patients and patrons, a healthy and nurturing environment is essential to productivity and wellbeing. Because to be a smart building, it must be a healthy building. The Airthings for Business solution was created to make large buildings smarter.

In order to optimize indoor air quality and increase health in schools, offices, public buildings and more, one must visualize air quality. With battery operated, long-range, wireless devices, the Airthings for Business solution works in any new or existing space.

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Full visibility into air quality in all your spaces

Get an overview of all rooms, floors and locations. Receive automated alerts should conditions change and air quality deteriorate.

An Airthings dashboard with stats monitoring IAQ in different rooms

Current and historical data at your fingertips

Dig deeper into your data to observe trends, compare current values with past measurements, and identify incidents that correspond with activities.

IAQ data for a meeting room with the calendar displayed

View your data the way you like

Add and remove tiles to customize your dashboard to your preference. If the account is shared, tailored preferences can also be set per user.

A computer window showing how you can customize the Airthings dashboard by adding new tiles

Optimize air quality and performance

Use occupancy patterns to determine the optimal times for operating your building’s ventilation system, appease indoor climate complaints with live data or confirm when action is needed.

Data for the occupancy of a room so you can optimize IAQ

Easily distribute your IAQ data

Generate custom radon or IAQ reports to share with your business or export data as a CSV file for further analysis. Ideal if you need to demonstrate proof to enable action.

A computer window showing how you can generate and share reports on the Airthings dashboard

The Airthings for Business Solution


Seven sensors

Radon, TVOC, CO2, humidity, temperature, air pressure, and light. 


Visual Indicator

Red, yellow, and green glow ring. 


Wireless connectivity

Via Airthings SmartLink with the Airthings Hub for Business.


Light sensor

Gives indication of presence and use of space.

Hub + 5 Wave Plus Bundle - 01-WHITE-SQUARE

Airthings Business Dashboard

View, compare, and export IAQ data.


Long battery life

2 AA batteries with >2 year battery lifetime.


Adaptable positioning

Supports wall or ceiling mount.

Connect your Wave Plus, Wave Mini and Hub for Business to get started

Simply log in with the information you used when setting up your Wave Plus for Business. The Business Dashboard will already be loaded with the data from all of your business devices.

A smart IAQ monitor with the Airthings dashboard overlayed showing IAQ data

Smart IAQ monitor with radon detection

Wave Plus is the first smart IAQ monitor with radon detection, designed for all populated spaces. It's the perfect solution for employers and facility managers to gain full visibility into seven indoor air factors; radon, airborne chemicals (TVOCs), carbon dioxide (CO),  humidity, temperature, air pressure, and light. Wave Plus includes a free app (iOS/Android) and an online Dashboard with advanced analytics options.


Healthier and more productive indoor environments for all

Measuring and monitoring IAQ is an essential step in preventing illness and promoting productivity and wellbeing. The Wave Mini for Business is the perfect addition to complete your business solution setup. Its three sensors give you an instant indication of air quality levels to help cover additional areas in your building, giving you full insight and control. 

An Airthings HBS Hub device

On-demand IAQ data on any device at any time

The Hub for Business is the heart of your Airthings ecosystem. It brings one or more supported devices online, providing on-demand access to your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) data at any time, from anywhere. The Hub for Business will connect with Airthings Business devices with SmartLink, pushing data regularly to your Airthings Business Dashboard. The Hub for Business supports Airthings SmartLink for long-range data extraction. This allows devices to be distributed around a large building and maintain a strong connection.

Learn how HVAC professionals are benefiting from Airthings for Business

Airthings for Business Get started with the Introduction Kit

The Introduction Kit includes 5 multi-sensors and a Hub for Business as well as a full year's service.

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HBS Introduction Kit


The Airthings HBS Wave devices sample air every 5 minutes. In order to save battery, the device sleeps for 5 minutes and wakes up again to send a sample package to the HBS Hub.

2 x AA Lithium batteries provide an estimated 2 year battery life for the HBS Wave Plus.

The HBS Wave Mini has an estimated 5 year battery life using 3 x AA Lithium batteries.

Yes. The Airthings REST API or Webhook offers a secure and straightforward method for pulling sensor and device information into your own system.

Yes. The Airthings API contains all commands and information needed to pull sensor and device information into your existing BI solution or as an input into your BAS or BMS.

Yes. The HBS Dashboard contains an IAQ reporting feature, allowing you to export to PDF and share your IAQ data in a professional, yet easy to understand method.

No, Airthings sensors are factory calibrated and self-calibrate during use. The drift is within our stated measurement margin of error.

The range depends on the building, but we use low frequency radio which has a very long range and can penetrate thick walls. As a guide, a Hub’s range can reach 1-2 floors up and down, and go through roughly 10 light non-load bearing walls per floor.

No. The Airthings Healthy Building Solution is specifically designed to be a plug and play, wireless, battery operated solution. Magnetic mounting brackets and screws or 3M Command Strips make installation effortless.


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