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View CO2 specifications


CO2 monitoring made easy for any building

View CO2 for Business is battery operated or USB powered, View CO2 includes a customizable display and online dashboard with full data and reporting.


CO2 Alert

Optional feature showing a red light and indication on the screen when CO2 levels are too high

Product-page-ICONS_battery life

10 year battery life

Long battery life up to 10 years


Airthings dashboard

View, compare, and export IAQ data

Product-page-ICONS_Plug and play-

Plug and play

Simple and intuitive installation requiring no tools

Product-page-ICONS_Over air updates-

Over the cloud updates

Constant improvements and over-the-cloud upgrades delivered to the device


Six sensors

Carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, humidity, virus risk, noise, light

Product-page-ICONS_Customizable display-

Customizable display

Choose what you show on the display

Product-page-ICONS_Long range-


Long-range connection to the cellular-powered Hub eliminating the need for stable WiFi


Recommended Operating Conditions: temperature 0 to 45°C /  32 to 113°F, Humidity 0% to 85% (non condensing).
Prolonged exposure at very dry or humid conditions may affect visual appearance of the display. Exposure to very humid conditions can degrade Radon sensor

Weight: 360g (with batteries, without cable)

Dimensions: 17 cm (length) x 9 cm (width) x 3.3 cm (height)

Power: 6 AA batteries or USB-C

Connectivity: Airthings SmartLink & Bluetooth Low Energy

Privacy: Noise Indicator used for measuring sound pressure level only, no privacy concerns

IAQ sensor specifications

Sensor sampling interval: Configurable

Carbon Dioxide (CO2):

NDIR Sensor (Non-Dispersive Infra-Red):

  • Measurement range 400–5000 ppm   
    Accuracy ±50ppm ±3% within 10 – 35°C / 50 - 95°F and 0 – 80%RH, after initial calibration time of 7 days

Temperature / Humidity:

  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5 °C / ±1 °F
  • Humidity Accuracy: ±3%

Light sensor:

  • Measurement range: 0 - 100 %

Noise sensor:

  • Dynamic range: 35 - 120 dBA SPL
    (optimization pending)

Virus sensor:

  • Virtual sensor

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What's in the box

  • Air Quality Monitor
  • 6 AA batteries
  • Double-sided tape

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United States/Canada

  • EAN: 7090031106812
  • UPC: 854232008460
  • SKU: 681
  • MODEL: 2968


  • EAN: 7090031106829
  • UPC: 854232008477
  • SKU: 682
  • MODEL: 2968

Singapore/Hong Kong

  • EAN: 7090031106836
  • UPC: 854232008484
  • SKU: 683
  • MODEL: 2968


  • EAN: 7090031106843
  • UPC: 854232008491
  • SKU: 684
  • MODEL: 2968


  • EAN: 7090031106850
  • UPC: 854232008507
  • SKU: 685
  • MODEL: 2968