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How to set up Airthings for Business in your office

Emily Moschowits
June 22, 2021

At Airthings, we constantly try to improve our customers’ experience with our products. That’s why each summer we have our interns take a walk in our customers’ shoes. The first step is to see how easy it is to set up the new Wave Plus for Business. Without any tips or tricks, the interns followed the instructions to setup 4 new Wave Plus sensors in our brand new office at Airthings HQ in Oslo in 22 minutes. They installed the first sensor in only 7 minutes! 

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Step 1: 

Make a business account. The Business Account invitation is sent by your Airthings sales representative. If you have not received it, please reach out to business-support@airthings.com. Once you received your invitation, go to Airthings for Business and select Dashboard login. Follow the simple steps to set up your Airthings for Business Dashboard

Airthings for Business Dashboard

Step 2: 

The next step is to set up your Hub for Business. If you have a business account with multiple devices, you’ll need a Hub for Business to help monitor and coordinate your different Airthings products. 

Airthings Hub for Business

Step 3: 

Set up the Wave Plus for Business. To set up the Wave Plus device, first open the box. Scan the QR code inside for quick access to the setup guide

Airthings Wave Plus for Business

Step 4: 

Remove the mounting bracket and and plastic battery protector. In the dashboard, enter the serial number and ID on the back of the device.

Step 5: 

The system will then guide you through set up, including adding the location and type of the device, in our case the new Wave Plus for Business. This will enable our system to know what data the system will be able to monitor.  Here, you can give the device a unique name, like Wave Plus Meeting Room 2, to make it easier to keep track of multiple devices in the same building. 

Airthings for Business Dashboard

Step 6: 

Next, attach the double-sided adhesive provided in the box to the back of the mounting bracket. Then select the perfect spot for your brand new Wave Plus for Business. Pick a spot that enables convenient air monitoring throughout the room. Place the bracket in the desired location and press for 5 seconds to ensure it is securely in place. Next, place the sensor on top of the bracket and let the magnet hold it in place. And that’s it for the hardware set up! 

Airthings for Business Dashboard

Step 7:

Once the hardware is in place, you can finish setting up the online Dashboard. You can add your teammates, track your air quality, and use the actionable insights from your own data to improve your indoor environment.

Airthings for Business office  eGuide