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Hub for Business

The heart of your Airthings Ecosystem

On-demand IAQ data on any device at any time

Continuous monitoring of your indoor air quality levels is necessary to minimize potential health effects in all populated spaces. The Hub for Business gives you remote access to up-to-date sensor values, no matter where you are. With visibility into your radon and IAQ levels, you can take action to improve air quality, as well as increase productivity, good health and attendance.

Hub for Business as part of your connected Airthings Ecosystem

The Hub for Business is an integral part of the Airthings Ecosystem which collects data from in-range sensors and provides real-time access to all the information you need to optimize air quality in your building.

Airthings API

Easily access device and sensor data through the REST API or subscribe with the Webhook. We never lock away data in proprietary protocols or closed systems, which allows use of sensor data in an existing BI solution or as an input to a BAS or BMS.

Wave Plus for Business

The first wirelessly connected and battery-operated IAQ monitor with radon, designed for all populated spaces. Simply wave in front of the device to receive a color-coded visual indication of the overall air quality. 

The Airthings ecosystem, Wave Plus devices connected to a HBS Hub which passes data to the dashboard and API

Business Dashboard

As an alternative to the API or Webhook, the Airthings Business Dashboard provides a quick and easy solution to view, compare and export data for your particular needs. Originally created for consumers, the Airthings Business Dashboard is effortless to navigate and includes additional features exclusive to business users.

Hub for Business

Connect up to 30 battery-operated devices through Airthings Smartlink, a long-range and low-power wireless data extraction technology. This allows devices to be distributed around a large building, meaning real-time IAQ data is available to users anytime, anywhere. 


Full visibility into air quality in all your spaces

Get an overview of all rooms, floors and locations. Receive automated alerts should conditions change and air quality deteriorate.

An Airthings dashboard with stats monitoring IAQ in different rooms

Current and historical data at your fingertips

Dig deeper into your data to observe trends, compare current values with past measurements, and identify incidents that correspond with activities.

IAQ data for a meeting room with the calendar displayed

View your data the way you like

Add and remove tiles to customize your dashboard to your preference. If the account is shared, tailored preferences can also be set per user.

A computer window showing how you can customize the Airthings dashboard by adding new tiles

Optimize air quality and performance

Use occupancy patterns to determine the optimal times for operating your building’s ventilation system, appease indoor climate complaints with live data or confirm when action is needed.

Data for the occupancy of a room so you can optimize IAQ

Easily distribute your IAQ data

Generate custom radon or IAQ reports to share with your business or export data as a CSV file for further analysis. Ideal if you need to demonstrate proof to enable action.

A computer window showing how you can generate and share reports on the Airthings dashboard
Radar icon

Long range

Connects with Wave Plus and Wave Mini for Business sensors within 100 meters indoors.

Multi-purpose icon


Easily measure levels in any office, school, hotel, medical building or public space.

Graph icon


The Airthings Business Dashboard provides advanced interpretations of your IAQ data.

Additional product information for the Hub for Business


Remote access to your Wave Plus and Wave Mini for Business sensors


Access to Airthings Business Dashboard and REST API


Long-range wireless connection with Airthings SmartLink

Airthings Hub for Business device

Live data streaming to the cloud 


Mounting options: freestanding or mounted


LED status indicators: power, cloud and device connection

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View CO2 for Business

Wireless monitor for CO2, temperature, light, noise and virus risk.


View Plus for Business

Our most powerful wireless monitor, measuring 10 indoor air quality factors and radon.


Wave Plus for Business

Wireless monitor measuring 7 indoor air quality factors and radon.


Wave Mini for Business

Wireless monitor for temperature, humidity, VOCs and mold risk.


Hub for Business

The Hub connects all Airthings for Business monitors to the cloud.