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Five reasons to choose a digital radon test kit

A digital radon test kit offers several advantages over traditional charcoal canister test kits. While both are designed to detect the presence of toxic radon gas in indoor environments, digital test kits are fast becoming the preference of those interested in protecting their loved ones from exposure to radon gas, a leading cause of lung cancer second only to smoking. Here's why.

A digital radon test kit is:

  1. Convenient: Contained in small, hand-held units, with easy-to-use, easy-to-read LCD screen displays, digital kits can be placed just about anywhere for readings. The ability to move the digital test kit from room to room, without having to attach to an electrical outlet, gives a more accurate overall picture of radon gas exposure in the structure. Just put in the batteries, turn the unit on, and the digital radon kit is ready to go to work.
  2. Accurate. The technology is taken directly from commercial-type detectors, using sophisticated algorithm signal analysis. That makes digital radon kits more advanced than the traditional charcoal kits, giving very precise readings.
  3. Fast. Digital radon kits offer highly-accurate short term results in just 48 to 96 hours, with longer term tests remaining an option.
  4. Reliable Record Keepers: Digital radon test kits store results, some of which keep them filed and accessible for years. Stored results are easy to access, providing a digital record of radon gas level readings for comparison and reference.
  5. Re-usable. While traditional charcoal canisters are intended for one-time use, digital radon test kits continue to supply readings, time and again, from any room in any location. Some digital radon test kits last for up to 10 years, with simple battery replacement required about every two years, depending on use.

One of many positive Amazon reviews gave the Corentium model a full 5 Stars, noting that a comparison of several models revealed it was the simplest to use and displayed the clearest results. In addition, the model is sleek, small, and attractively designed. Consider the advantages of using digital radon test kits for your home, school, or workplace, saving time, money, and even lives, with this convenient new device.