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How to set up an Airthings device with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Marie Bannister
April 3, 2019

How to set up your Airthings device with Google Assistant

Airthings Amazon Alexa Google Assistant Getting your Airthings WaveWave Plus or Wave Mini set up with Google Assistant is easy.

Follow these five simple steps to get started:


1. Set up your Airthings device according to the instructions from the Airthings Wave app for IOS and Android, use the online instructions for Wave, or Wave Plus. Or watch this video for visual instructions.

2. Make sure your Google Home device is fully set up. The instructions can be found here.

3. In order to connect your Airthings account to the Google Account, say  “Hey Google, talk to Airthings”.

4. The Google Home device will then ask if you want to authenticate. To do so, use the Google Home app and follow the on-screen instructions to log in to your Airthings account.

5. Now that you are set up, simply say “Hey Google” and pick a question below to get the answer.

Questions for Google Assistant:

“Check the air quality”

“Check the VOC”

“Check the CO2”

“Check the radon”

“Check the Humidity”

“Check the temperature”

“List my rooms”

“Check the Radon/VOC/CO2/Humidity/Temperature/air quality in [insert room name]”

There isn’t a limit to the number of Airthings devices that can be connected to Google Home.

How to set up your Airthings device with Amazon Alexa

Airthings Amazon Alexa Google Assistant Getting your Airthings Wave or Wave Plus set up with Amazon Alexa is easy.

Follow these steps to get started:



  1. Download the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet. It’s available for iOS/Android devices via the App Store or Google Play Store. To control your Alexa speaker, you first need to log in with your Amazon account (if you don’t have one, you can create a free account here), and this will be your ID for Alexa.

  2. In the app go to menu > Settings > Set up new device. Once complete, choose the type of Amazon Echo you want to add.

  3. Next, plug in your Alexa device and wait for the setup process to complete. The speaker will go from displaying a spinning blue light before changing back to orange. This means it’s in pairing mode, so in the Alexa app choose your Wi-Fi network. TIP: you can store your Wi-Fi network and opt for future speakers to use the same settings at set up.

  4. If you need to return to pairing mode then simply press the button on top of the speaker.

  5. In the Alexa app, search for and enable the Airthings Skill.

  6. Now you’re all set – just say “Alexa” and pick a question below to get the answer.

Questions for Amazon Alexa:

“Ask Airthings to check radon in [insert room name]”.

“Open Airthings and list my rooms”.

Available in English in: US, Canada, UK. 

Now available in German too!