Breathing cleaner air in your home has proven health benefits for you and your children. Discover the important facts about indoor air quality (IAQ).

You want to provide the best indoor environment for you and your children. To achieve this, it’s important to understand the true value of indoor air quality (IAQ) for your family, including vital facts and figures.


Key takeaways

  • To provide the best indoor environment for you and your family, you need to understand the facts around indoor air quality and monitor the air you breathe.
  • Air pollutants cut 2 years 6 months from the average person’s life expectancy.
  • IAQ monitoring gives you information about levels of radon, VOCs and carbon dioxide, as well as temperature, air pressure and humidity in your home.
  • Simple improvements, like better ventilation, can improve indoor air quality, but to take effective action, monitoring provides the data you need.

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